Friday, March 4, 2011

spciel for you

dear sara...
how are you today? I hope you always keep in good health. sara,,even though we rarely see, rarely on, but all the memories of school days I never forget. I hope you were so. I dedicate this entry to celebrate a special day of your birth. I have a special greeting to you:
  • study hard, if you are successful will, I hope you do not forget me and all our schoolmates.
  • I hope that by the age of 20 this will make us more close and interdependent of each other.
  • ape lagi eh????moge ko dapat jodoh yang baik..jgn d nantikan org yang kat indon 2!!!hahaah..:)
akhir kata....raro....ak rindukan ko dowh!!:)...semoge kite dapat berjump 1 hari nanti..insyaallah!!:)
suka suki kehidupan aku . . like kalau suka ya . .

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